Games That Gamers Look Forward to in May 2012

admin April 28, 2012 Comments Off on Games That Gamers Look Forward to in May 2012


There are a lot of new video game releases in May 2012, and many gamers are looking forward for these title launchings. Discussed below are some of those exciting games that you must mark in your calendar and your hungry pockets.

Max Payne III

This video game is one of the best shooter games in the third person genre. Although Max Payne is looks the same from the previous installments, in the video game series, you will experience still intense action filled with flying bullets. Max Payne III will be released on May 15 for PS3 and Xbox 360.

Resistance Burning Skies

This video game will be released on the 29th day of May for the PS Vita. This shooter video game will surpass any game in the same genre in this gaming console with its exciting features.


Many gamers who own the PS Move have long been waiting for this video game since its launching. This game has the potential to become the best title on the PS Move. Release date is on May 22 for PS3.

Diablo III

This video game will be the top seller video game for 2012 in the PC platform. Many gamers are anticipating the release of this third installment from the series, and the long wait will be over on May 15th.


Starhawk will probably provide PS3 owners a new level of gaming experience. There is a lot of fun in this multiplayer game that you will not get bored even if you play it throughout the year. Starhawk will be released on May 15 for the PS3 platform.

Mario Tennis Open

This is the best video game that owners Nintendo 3DS will pick right away on the 20th day of May. This video game will provide you with familiar gameplay which is the same to the Mario Tennis.