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  • 1962Galaxie514ciMPFI 8 years ago

    @BackBurner33 these are kids bro. they dont know about graphics at all. reach was just plain awefull

  • 1962Galaxie514ciMPFI 8 years ago

    @theguyfromthewoods i will say reach has better looking unsc marines then the others but that is it. there is more polygons because there was way too much overthought put into the surroundings and weapons. yet when you look at halo3 weapons and maps halo3 is better looking, the reach AR is awefull looking so is every other gun on that game. halo3 has a perfect balance which reach does not. just look at the halo4 teaser compared to reach graphics, halo4 will be just like halo3 but better.

  • 1962Galaxie514ciMPFI 8 years ago

    @Hannibal457 tell that to the losers on youtube that got butthurt over a comment i made about halo4 and reach yesterday. nobody needed to message did they? no they didnt, but its faggots like you that dont know shit about the halo title and get all offensive about reach. REACH IS GARBAGE

  • BackBurner33 8 years ago

    @theguyfromthewoods Reach’s graphics are the most detailed, if halo CEA’s aren’t more detailed, of all the halos. However, Reach’s graphics are more animated, thus more childish, than the other halos. Bungie is known for cartoony stuff, but Reach’s graphics were childish even for them. Halo is a M rated game for fuck’s sake. I am a halo fan (one of the few **truely** remaining fans left, I’ve noticed…too many unloyal fans out there), but even I know Reach’s graphics are childish

  • theguyfromthewoods 8 years ago

    @1962Galaxie514ciMPFI reach has the best graphics. theres more polygons in the assault rifle then there are polygons in a whole marine from halo 3.

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