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  • BackBurner33 8 years ago

    @r3poser 343i never told us that there would be a new halo 4 trailer at the VGAs. That was just a rumor that other fans started because thats what they did for halo 3.

  • xdlugia1 8 years ago

    @1962Galaxie514ciMPFI What the hell is wrong with you man?
    Anyway, if your eyes work properly, you can see that Halo Reach’s graphics are superior to Halo 3.
    And BTW, what do you mean by never get a 50?

  • r3poser 8 years ago

    Will they actually be a new trailer for halo 4? because 343i lied to us twice sayin they will be a new trailer at VGA and also they said about toy fair saying they will show characters and shit so I don’t think they might not even show a trailer or pics its not true

  • MrawsomeNoob1 8 years ago

    What happened to bungei im sorry im just been playing other games but can someone tell me what happened

  • Sparkey1235 8 years ago

    My favourite thing about the Halo series, is the theme song.

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