Terrible Things about Skyrim

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: The Best Role Playing Game

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: The Best Role Playing Game

Skyrim is no doubt a great game which was embraced by many gamers who are fanatics of action role playing games in an open world setting. Skyrim is an exploration game where gamers will craft their own tale in in the world proliferated by dangerous dragons.

Although this game is wonderful, there are still some things that make this RPG quite terrible. The animation and character of this video game are downright unsatisfactory. The visuals of this video game are bad sometimes.

The skills of the characters in this video game are unbalanced in a terrible way. They share common skills from blacksmithing to archery, and when it happens that you wrongly assigned your skill points, you cannot refund them and it will stay that way. It will be a game over for you if you messed up earlier in the game and you don’t saved the game.

Majority of the places that you will explore in this game are boring. You will go inside a cave where you need to crouch to avoid detection, suddenly there are zombies, skeletons, mages or bandits all around you which you need to slaughter and get stripped to get their items. Same happens when you encounter a boss. After that you will spend more time trying to look for vendors who are willing to buy your items which is very boring.

This game also contains a lot of glitches like backward-flying dragons, companion’s corpses appear randomly anywhere, disappearance of items and others. And every time you play this video game, you will experience some graphical problems and hiccups which are part of much larger problems. The version of Skyrim in the PlayStation 3 also contains some glitches and framerate problems that prevented gamers from playing this video game.