Three Single Player Games Releases in May 2012

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Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

May 2012 has a lot of big title releases for single players just the month before the second installment of the Witcher series leads the pack. There are also big title releases this month, and discussed below are the top three single player games that gamers should look forward to.

Max Payne III

This third installment of the Max Payne video game series will be the best title release for 2012. Gamers will experience as if they are in an action movie once they experience this game. The new setting of this game is Brazil where Payne works for a client in order to escape his past but things get more complicated throwing him in a lot of conspiracies as well as shootouts which makes this game very exciting. Release date will be on May 15.

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones was developed for gamers who are passionate fans of the game series and those who are looking for an in-depth role playing game. It open ups a new part of the protagonist’s world where gamers will follow the story of two knights who must bind work together again to fight against the threat that befalls the Kingdom.In this video game, gamers will experience a combat system and dialogues which are similar to that of the Dragon Age. This RPG will offer gamers over 30 hours of action.May 15 will be its release date.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

Although this game is focused in single player, gamers will also experience a shooter game in the third person genre in Ghost Recon. Twists, turns and hostage moments will likely be experienced by most gamers in this Tom Clancy game. You will look forward to the storyline of this video game which is very engaging.