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11-19-11 OGTY Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 PSN Tournament (BD Block First Round): B Block: –しょーりゅー (Nemesis T-Type/Thor/Doctor Strange) vs. Mizutomo (Taskmaster/Ghost Rider/Strider Hiryu) [ta19871109 vs. donut-man3] –こえぴん vs. (Wesker/Hawkeye/Vergil) vs. Jhama VJ (Viewtiful Joe/Hawkeye/Vergil) [koebi-n vs. Jhama_VJ] C Block: –Condor_Rider (Ghost Rider/Deadpool/Hawkeye) vs. m9 GAM (Frank West/Nemesis T-Type/Sentinel) [Condor_Missile vs. kei-1224] –ハーティア vs. (Taskmaster/Hawkeye/Vergil) うぎゃあああああ (Ghost Rider/Amaterasu/Strider Hiryu) [ayanokouji vs. gozzo_heart] –すぱいさん (Pheonix Wright/Iron Fist/Sentinel) vs. 綾小路 (Nemesis T-Type/Iron Fist/Sentinel) [harthia vs. xxrouxx] –IRIS (Strider Hiryu/Iron Man/Nova) vs. Keyaki (Nova/Dormammu/Doctor Strange) [IRISandREIRA vs. keyaki_garam] D Block: –ひろじゃー (Hawkeye/Ghost Rider/Super-Skrull) vs. 箒 (Nova/Wesker/Ghost Rider) [hirojya- vs. hatoyahouki] –み~ (Nemesis T-Type/Hawkeye/Wesker) vs. GO1 (Vergil/Sentinel/Strider Hiryu) [Mii_1989 vs. GO1-3151] –シロスケ (Zero/Vergil/Doctor Strange) vs. 24bann (Iron Man/Strider Hiryu/Nemesis T-Type) [shirosuke13 vs. makkusu24bann] –けいすけ (Vergil/Iron Fist/Frank West) vs. QC6MxM (Spencer/Iron Fist/Vergil) [keisuke-1254 vs. QC6MxM] *ALL A BLOCK AND HALF OF B BLOCK FIRST ROUND MATCHES NOT CAPTURED* NAME CHANGE NOTE (US TO JPN): Phoenix Wright = Naruhodo-Kun Firebrand = Red Arremer Hsien-Ko = Lei-Lei Akuma = Gouki


  1. KillaSmit20789 December 9, 2012 at 6:50 PM -

    14:30 why dont people know how to end a match correctly?

  2. KillaSmit20789 December 9, 2012 at 7:41 PM -

    14:30 why dont people know how to end a match correctly?

  3. TheBohster December 9, 2012 at 8:19 PM -

    Dat Joe was so lame 😛

  4. 69sins December 9, 2012 at 8:24 PM -

    Nooo!!! Lol its a new title but y is ironman still trying to finish a simple crouching a,b,c,s combo on block?! It wasnt safe in vanilla n it aint safe now!! 😛