Wish List for Left 4 Dead 3

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Left 4 Dead 3

Left 4 Dead 3

It has been two years since the second installment of the Left 4 Dead series was released, but nobody knows when the sequel of this horror-survival video game will be introduced. Many gamers are anticipating the sequel of this game which and they hope that it will provide the gaming community with a brand new experience in the horror genre.

This horror-survival video game has brought new marvels to the community of gamers around the world way back in 2008 when the first installment was released. Although clues are limited onwhether Valve will reveal Left 4 Dead III, the sequel of the game should be more exciting and spiced up more. But this limitation does not hinder the publishing supervisors of a magazine in the United Kingdom to reveal their desires for the next installment of this cooperative game.

Under the foresight section of the magazine, the periodical suggests that Valve should spice up Left 4 Dead III. This could be achieved by directing the storyline of Left 4 Dead III in the direction similar to the Half Life II by utilizing the elements used in the past two installments of the cooperative game. Thorough these elements, a deeper story will be created which will be centered regarding the consequences for every survivor.

The Left 4 Dead III should also have new set of skills and weapons like flamethrower, rocket launcher and others which will surely provide new levels of excitement for gamers. The skills should be based with regards to the type of character that gamers are playing just like on the Team Fortress where every character has their own specialty when it comes to the handling weapons. Another suggestion for the third installment of the Left 4 Dead series is the matching of the weapons like guns to the character’s personality.  And when you constantly use the same character every time you play Left 4 Dead, you will gain bonuses and other perks.

The last two suggestions are all about the expanded artificial intelligence (AI) director which has the ability of changing the levels and manipulate elements from the map. The components should also be changed in between sets in order to make the playthrough of gamers more distinct. They should not also forget to introduce new character for the Left 4 Dead III as the last two sequels of this horror-survival video game contains fresh faces. There should be more depth and emphasis with every character in the Left 4 Dead III in combination to the environment.

The suggestions mentioned above are similar to those made by the passionate fans of the video game. There is also a discussion about the place where Valve should release the hint regarding the third installment of the Left 4 Dead franchise. The hypothetical event in the discussion is the E3, and many gamers hope that Valve will release something nice about the horror-survival video game which is responsible for many sleepless nights for a lot of gamers around the world.