An Overview of Japanese and Western Video Games

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Japanese VS Western Games

Japanese VS Western Games

The video game industry is composed of the Japanese and the Western video games. These two basic types are different from one another. They differ in the combat style, game play, graphics, story and lines.

Many people think about anime, Pokemon and Final fantasy when they speak of Japanese games. The video game industry in Japan is the largest in the world where they co-host it with South Korea. In 1898, a company that manufactures gaming cards was established in Japan. The humble beginning of the company brought it to the apex of success that they are experiencing right now. The name of the company is Nintendo which is considered as the icon in the Japanese gaming industry. The company is famous for its development of game boys, Wii, DSI series, Pokemon and NES. But nowadays, rumors are circulating regarding the gradual decline of the Japanese gaming industry which is consisted of many corporations like Sony and Nintendo.

Sony is the developer of the PS3 and another icon in Japan. But these two companies are different from each other. In 1946, Sony was established as an electronic company. Sony is also the creator of the first recorded tape and then it developed the transistor radio Mk-55 in 1955. After that, the company has ventured in other fields and developed the Walkman, the very first handheld music player in the world. The company is still going strong as they produce tons of PS3 games. There are five Japanese video games which can be considered as the best ever which include Dragon Quest 9, Pokemon Heartgold and Soulsilver, Friend Collection, Super Mario Brothers and Final Fantasy 8.

Western video games are those developed in Europe and the U.S. which include Halo, Fallout 3, Call of Duty and many others. In 1970s, the first ever developed western video games have appeared in mainframe computers. These games were just simple text games which are role playing types. When the mid-1980s arrived, things concerning the western video game industry have started to become more complex. Wizardry and Ultima were released and perhaps have their effects on the role-playing games (RPGs) and the western video game industry as a whole. “Current” graphics was also introduced to the RPG by Dungeon master in 1987. In 1993, Doom has followed the footsteps of Dungeon master. This video game was the world’s first shooter game in the first person genre ever released. The release of doom will influence and has the greatest contribution on the western video games as a whole. A new kind of game has started to appear in 2001, it is called the massive multiplayer online game or MMOG. One of the well-known examples of this game type is the world of warcraft (WOW). After 2001, there many games which are released in the MMOG genre which greatly contributed to the popularity of the gaming industry in the western world. Nowadays, there are about 2.1 billion individuals around the world who are playing video games every day.

Famous western video games include Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Asteroids, Call of Duty Black Ops and Halo 3.