BF3 tournament footage @ Geforce LAN 6

admin September 24, 2012 21

Here is some footage of the Battlefield 3 Tournament that is being held “On a Boat” at the NVIDIA GeForce LAN Maps that are played include Operation Metro, Caspian Border, Grand Bazarr, Operation Firestorm and a surprise, unannounced map! Lets see if you can figure out what map that is. Big thanks to Dice and EA for BF3. DICE – NVIDIA –


  1. SergeantSandvich67 September 24, 2012 at 4:41 PM -

    Dayum, I wish I was there would of brought my own 500 pound rig, GTX 550 TI 1gb 8gb of ram zalman z9 plus AMD Fx 4100 quad core 3.6GHZ CPU It’s not even overclocked and gets 60-90 FPS on ultra on bf3.