E3 Video Game Showcases from Sony

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E3 Sony

E3 Sony

E3 is the biggest conference when it comes to the video game industry. Many potential investors, retailers and media meet on this one big event which showcases the best and exciting games from the renowned publishers.

The event this year is approaching very fast where Sony will showcase all its big exclusive games releases which are potential blockbusters. Below are some Sony exclusive game releases from Sony that gamers should see at the E3:

The Last of Us

This video game is the newest exclusive of naughty Dog for the PlayStation 3. The Last Of Us blends the elements of action and survival where you will follow the tale of the protagonist about a plague that decimate human kind. The plague has forced the remaining survivors to take the life of others for weapons, foods and anything or whatever things they find.


Agent will bring you around the world during the 1970s where espionage proliferates. This exclusive game from Rockstar is thought to be launched in 2011 but the developers are keen in keeping it secret.

God of War Ascension

This next installment for the video game series was just recently announced and will certainly be the apple of the eye at the 2012 convention. This will be the second outing of Kratos on the PS3, and a lot of gamers are pretty excited about it.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royal

The rumors about the existence of video game have been circulating for months, but Sony has now revealed it officially. This video game showcases a lot of iconic characters from the PlayStation 3 where they engage each other in all out brawls.


Infamous is a third person video game with an open world setting. This video game will be perfect in the double analog sticks of the PlayStation Vita. This franchise has the potential to define Vita