Let’s RTD 08 – My First RAGE!

admin February 17, 2013 Comments Off on Let’s RTD 08 – My First RAGE!

If you like this video, go and check out ScrewAttack.com, and check out their awesome videos! Now, onto business. With Brave Fencer Musashi canceled due to lack of interest, I figured I’d take advantage of the hype revolving around a new installment of a now-famous FPS series to be released in November 2012. What series is this? Well, if what RTD stands for is any indication, I’m sure you can guess rather easily. RTD = Return To Duty (it’s a Military term, or at least US Army to signify a soldier returning to duty due to injury, or leave, or whatever else). With Black Ops II just around the corner (November 2012 release), I figured I’d play through the GOOD Call of Duty games. Remember back in the day when Call of Duty didn’t SUCK? Well, I sure do. So, I figured, let’s explore Call of Duty back in its heyday, when it literally changed the gaming industry forever. Here’s what will be played: Call of Duty (1) Call of Duty: United Offensive (Expansion Pack) Call of Duty 2 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare I won’t play 3, WaW, MW2, Black Ops, or MW3, because even though I own all of them, they sucked all kinds of supafly booty. So, the good ones. The classics, if you will. The ones that actually had substance and difficulty to them, and require patience to play properly. Those ones. So, yeah. And don’t forget, if you like the video, throw over a like or comment, favorite it, and subscribe for more English-butchering goodness, internet fans! And check out ScrewAttack.com too and