Nintendo E3 Requirements

alexander May 30, 2012 Comments Off on Nintendo E3 Requirements

The 2012 Nintendo E3 conference is fast approaching and like most years, full attention will be deserved for this event. 2012 marks a year where new consoles will be introduced as many question the stability of the gaming market with the introduction of smart phone gaming. One of the most important questions waiting to be answered this year will revolve around Nintendo.


Nintendo has already announced the Nintendo Wii-U at last year’s E3 show, so it is expected that most of the questions and details will be answered this year. The controller took many by shock and is expected to have a heavy price tag, and with Nintendo posting its worse year in the company’s long history in 2011, many announcements are expected that should either make or break the company’s short term and the company’s long term stability.


Not only is Nintendo expected to make announcements regarding their Wii-U console at the 2012 E3 conference, but some new games in popular franchises are expected as well. To avoid a poor launch like they saw with the 3DS, the Wii-U will require strong launch titles to give consumers a reason to buy the console. The 3DS launch was atrocious and cost the company large amounts of money leading to a drastic cut in the system’s price and extra marketing efforts to salvage the year the best they could. Look for the introduction of several Mario games, the early hints of a new Zelda game, perhaps a Starfox- Metroid crossover, a new Pikmin, Smash Brothers to demonstrate the new online interface, and perhaps even a few surprises. Nothing has been confirmed on such games, but with the overwhelming and apparent need for such a strong launch, having many if not all of these introduced in some capacity would not be out of the question.


They need a strong showing to have a strong 2012 and 2013 showing. The Wii-U will likely dominate the show and the only thing to push this console onto the market will be the software and innovation.