Sony Finally Acquires Gaikai

Skillleague July 3, 2012 Comments Off on Sony Finally Acquires Gaikai

The speculations that Sony Computer Entertainment was holding onto something during the E3 has now finally surfaced. It is now on the news that Sony will acquire cloud-based games service platform Gaikai Inc. as the two parties have already entered agreements regarding the purchase.

According to the press release, mega corporation Sony Computer Entertainment will purchase Gaikai for 380 million U.S. dollars. The two parties have agreed about the purchase on the 30th day of June 2012 Japan time. This acquisition will allow the mega corporation to provide new and innovative services for entertainment purposes that utilize cloud technology.

Andrew House, Group CEO and President of Sony Computer Entertainment commented about the acquisition on the press release, saying that the acquisition of the resources of Gaikai, which include its engineering talent and technological strength with the extensive gaming platform experience and knowledge of Sony Computer Entertainment will provide gamers with unparalleled entertainment experience (cloud-based). House added that the acquisition of Gaikai will also allow SCE to provide cloud-based streaming service in a world class level which will surely be enjoyed by a lot of users. Through this acquisition, gamers will have a wide array of video games to play, from games with rich graphics and those with casual content.

There are lots of talks on loud-based games lately, which has kicked to high gear especially when OnLive has finally went live which enables gamers to stream high-end games experiences by just using low-end netbooks. Gaming based on cloud revolves on gaming experience streaming from the servers of the provider, which enable gamers to play all the latest as well as greatest games as long as they have their own Internet connection (3MBPs and above).

Cloud-based games have sparked a lot of statements regarding its potential to become the new wave in future gaming experience. Many players have not been completely convenient and comfortable with this move due to the fact that they will no longer own the products but they are going to pay for the rent from the provider instead. However, many players still think that as long as gaming doesn’t evolve to cloud-based, the gaming experience should be alright.

Sony Computer Entertainment has not completely detailed on how this new acquisition of technology will be utilized, but it is probably be safe to assume that the mega corporation would use Gaikai for the compatibility to run PS4 video games to the PS3. Streaming of next-generation high definition (HD) games on a past generation video game console wouldn’t only allow to purchase into next-gen gaming experience without purchasing new hardware as it will also let you to leverage the new install based games through streaming through the cloud. Aside from this fact, people know that there will be new developments about the deal between Sony Computer Entertainment and Gaikai.

The agreement between the two parties will be subjected to customary deal closing condition and regulatory approvals. This move by the Sony Computer Entertainment only show its capability of expanding to new forms of entertainment by using innovative technologies to provide amazing experience for gamers.