The Pacific – My music Composition

admin December 5, 2012 Comments Off on The Pacific – My music Composition

This is my own music written over the above video, I have not created the video or claim to have done so. All what you see and hear is a video with my own music used over the top of it. There are some key elements within this video where my music complements and enhances certain aspects of the images portrayed. As a musician/composer/artist i am very receptive to most of my senses particularly images. I am easily influenced and inspired by the slightest of frameworks. The below reading is for those who inherit an interest in artistic reasoning, influence and reflection: As a war veteran myself i know first hand of the realities of warfare; the reality of the second world war supersedes all experience i have and ever will endure on the battlefield. Whilst the physical mechanics of human contribution in the act of war fighting demands courage, selflessness and bravery…the outcome of war generally concludes emotion of heart ache and pain at some level regardless of victory or defeat, and that conclusion can and sometimes does develop over time. With that fact in mind the original music wrote by Hans Zimmer, Blake Neely and Geoff Zanelli enhances the somber realities of warfare. It is transparent that these composers have captured the reality by writing music that is somewhat reflective, even if it was by order of the film director they certainly created a moving/touching piece of music that couples together efficiently with the images. It does not for one moment imply the