Two Tips on How to Improve Your Skills in the League of Legends Video Game

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League of Legends

League of Legends

There are a lot of gamers around the world that log on to the League of Legends action real-time strategy (RTS) video game developed by Riot Games. Gameplay of this RTS video game is similar to DOTA. But most of these gamers have no prior knowledge on how to play the game, eventually those elite few who know the tricks of the game crush them without opposition. The lesser utilized summoners spell and the teleport spell are among the lesser used spells but should essentially be involved in the tricks in order to win in the Game of Legends. It is known that the popular tricks in the game will take you 2 weeks to execute masterfully so you should be patient to learn them.

Experienced gamers of League of Legends are horrified when they heard the sound created by the monstrous ultimate Fiddlesticks. This spell has a devastating effect to heroes who got caught inside its wake. The channel time of Fiddlesticks is two seconds which is considered a problem by gamers, so you should be smart regarding the right moment to attack. The fiddlesticks ultimate is very powerful when it is integrated with the teleportation spell but only few gamers realize it.

Laying a ward in the distant bushes located on the map’s bottom or top lane is the best way to drop the Fiddlesticks ultimate to your opponents. Your hero could teleport at the back of your opposition where they cannot see you when this League of Legends spell is done correctly. Gamers can stay at the bushes and wait for the right timing to launch a surprise attack. This spell is effective if you’re playing them on the lane because you are able to return to base before teleporting behind the enemies to create confusion.

Another strong ultimate in the League of Legends is the Nunu. This ultimate is very popular in the game due to its ability to swallow the entire opposition inside its big radius. Once the opposing team was swallowed by Nunu, it explodes into million bits with devastating effect. This ultimate is considered to be the hardest ultimate to launch in the League of legends due to its long fixed channel which can easily be interrupted and dodge. But when you combine it with the teleportation spell, it is a very effective weapon in the League of Legends.

The Nunu ultimate can be a dreadful player for the other team when you associate it with the teleportation spell. Gamers should be able to sneak a ward in the middle part of the central lane so you can teleport later. When a member of the opposing team steps on the ward, that’s the right time for you to teleport and ice-blast your opponent to quickly to slow down his movements. After that you can use your ultimate to detonate your opponent with the assistance of your teammate in the lane. This ultimate is one of the awesome techniques in the League of Legends because opponents will not notice it for some time and they will be confused on how your hero appeared near him out of nowhere.

Mastering these League of Legends ultimate spells, you will actually become a skilled and fearsome gamer.