Ways to Turn the Tide Around for Sony

admin May 3, 2012 Comments Off on Ways to Turn the Tide Around for Sony


Lately, Sony has been in big financial trouble due to the six billion dollar loss of the PlayStation brand. But nobody can blame Sony for its loss acquisition as it does not only make games. The company also produces several products like cameras, televisions and other gadgets and appliances. You cannot blame the PlayStation brand of the company as it is a successful division of the firm. Maybe the business decisions and the executives are the ones responsible for the loss acquisition of the Company. Below are some of the things that Sony should consider in order to save the company.

Cut or Change Those Executives Who Are Responsible for the Financial Loss

Many of the executives in the company are very competitive and territorial. With this situation, no company will function and run smoothly if its executives are competing against each other. Sony has to react as soon as possible and get its divisions to function as one without competing on one another in order for the company to survive.

Sony Should Stick to One Brand and Centralize its Products

The company offers lots of products like cameras, mp3 players and cellphones which make it hard for consumers to choose which of these gadgets is better. It is very hard for a company to be on track if every part is not working on a common goal and there is competition among its executives. The company should focus on a certain productin order for them to have a good command regarding its marketability.

These are just some of the few things that Sony should do in order for the company not to incur the same loss in the future. Thanks to the fact that Sony is a big company,and the incurred loss in the PlayStation division does not affected the company as a whole. But a loss is still a loss and what Sony can do now is just to set things right for it to get back the amount that has been lost.