What Sony Should Do to Make the PS Vita Irresistible?

admin April 22, 2012 Comments Off on What Sony Should Do to Make the PS Vita Irresistible?
Playstation Vita

Playstation Vita

It’s been two months since Sony released the PS Vita, but only some of the gamers have rushed out in order to get their hands on this new gaming console. This new gaming console from Sony have proved to be a great system as it makes some of the unsung downloadable games look good on its screen.

But the rush has settled and calmed down as if nothing happened resulting to poor sales. What have gone wrong? Nobody knows but everyone would agree that this handheld console is the most innovative which exceeds the power of 3DS and other mobile platforms.

The future of the PS Vita is in great jeopardy and the poor sales report suggests that Sony should do something to turn the tides. Almost all of its launch locations have reported same situation concerning the PS Vita’s sales.

Sony should act now before it’s too late, and here are some suggestions that the company should do to ensure that the gaming console lives a fruitful life.

Sony should consider reducing the price of the PS Vita in order for it to gain the support of the fans and gamers as well. This price reduction is very important as many of people have short budgets limiting the chance to get their hands on the gaming console.

E3 is now months away, maybe Sony will come to think about shifting the price of the PS Vita and announce it at the convention. But maybe gamers should to wait until the Christmas season which the part of the year where most of the products related to the gaming industry became affordable. The poor reports regarding the sales of the PS Vita is a wakeup call for Sony to react quickly in order to turn the current tide of where the gaming console is going.