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Nº 8 – Playstation series, 2012.

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The images and videos of the series 'Playstation' (2012) were performed on sections traveled by train between the stations Guaianases and Luz of the São Paul...

My Top 10 Most Anticapated Games Of E3 2011

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My 5th top 10 and its about E3 2011. I know its late but whatever and I know I didnt mention Microsoft at all but really nothing from them interested me. And its not like I dont like Nintendo...

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time – PlayStation Vita Features Trailer

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Visit for reviews, previews, features, news, event coverage, and podcasts. Thank you.

Top 10 PS3 Games of 2011

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these are my top ten favourite ps3 games of 2011.

My Top 10 Favorite Playstation 3 Games (2011)

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By late request of pcjordan23 Note: These are also the ONLY PS3 games I have so far.

Top 100 PS3 Games-(2011)-HD

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Best Top 100 PS3 Games ever in High Quality! if u just simply love your PS3,then this video will be your Favorite Gaming video of 2011,it contains all of the...


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There's no order to this ps3 exclusives list and pls no profanity. Games: God of War III Gran Turismo 5 Heavy Rain inFAMOUS inFAMOUS 2 Killzone 2 Killzone 3 ...

Top 10 ps3 games of 2011

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My top 10, not your top 10.

Top 10 favorite Ps3 games+3DS Stuff

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A list of legends.

FIFA12 ‘Champion’ Ultimate Team Online Goals by Chris – Promo for PS3 Tournament Champion

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Sub him: Chris won the PS3 tournament on (he won 8-1 on aggregate in the final !!!) and thi...

My Top 5 PS3 Games

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Quick response vid to Danny and Gage. Please sub Danny.

Top 20 PS3 games

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My top 20 PS3 games!!! Note that this is MY opinion and they're a lot of PS3 games I haven't played, like Skyrim and Batman Arkham City, but if you have any ...

PS3 Top Tips: WWE ’12

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Fed up with being battered by the Big Show? Want to stop a Rey Mysterio mauling? Then WWE Superstar Randy Orton has some exclusive top tips to help raise you...

INickyy Vengeful Beast MW3 TDM Tournament #2

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INickyy competes in the TDM Vengeful Beast Tournament on COD Elite. INickyy Placed 1064 out of 35000. Earning himself a Gold and among top 10%. Look out fo...

Top 15 most Anticipated / Upcoming pc, ps3, and xbox 360 games of 2012 – 2013

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the top 15 most anticipated games coming in next 12 months i rank them according to internet research and my interests.. i included only those games which ar...

SLB Website IS OUT!!!!

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SLB Website- SLB Website- SLB Website-

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