Disappointing Video Game Releases for 2012

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Disappointing games

Disappointing games

There are many title releases this year and some of them are quite disappointing. Many video games released in 2012 are just marketing blunders and disappointments for gamers. Gamers see a lot of misplaced extensions of several video game franchises which lack innovative features this year.

Binary Domain

This Yakuza series has obtained big deal of credibility and attention due to the creative force behind it. But the content of this video game is not what its creative force has been bragging about due to its voice commands which are very poor and worst storytelling.

Armored Core V

The system responsible for the menu in this game is confusing, and it has standard storyline. But gamers can still find satisfaction in blowing those metals into bits which is what Armored Core V is all about.

Ninja Gaiden III

This third installment of the Ninja Gaiden series is a disappointment compared to its predecessors. The elements which are present in the second installment of this video game that made it enjoyable are brought down in this version. Ninja Gaiden III was so dull and very simple which makes you feel uneasy if you will recommend it to your friends.

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City

This is only an average video game as many features and elements of this game are not that impressive. You might think that the developers of this game are not in their own minds when they have created it. Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City has bland gameplay, disconnected story and poor visuals. This installment of the resident Evil series has not justified the franchise and fans do not deserve it.

These video games are just some of the title releases for 2012 which are not that impressive and satisfactory for some gamers, although other players may find them enjoyable. Maybe these games, to some extent are just marketing blunders. It is up to the gamers to decide on which video game that they will really enjoy.