Five Most Wanted Unannounced Video Games for E3 Expo 2012

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E3 Expo 2012

E3 Expo 2012

The E2 Expo is only two months away. For those who do not know what E3 is, it the convention where the biggest debuts and announcements about video games are released. Thousands of people attend the exposition in order to take a glimpse of what are the most exciting games to be released in the future in order for them to have the inclination on what titles they will get for themselves.

Below are five of the most wanted unannounced video games that many gamers wanted to see on the E3 Expo.

The Last Guardian

Gamers last saw this video game on the 2009 E3 Expo. The Team Ico of Sony has been pretty quiet about this video game whose release was delayed. Maybe gamers will see this game in the 2012 E3 Expo.

Tekken X Street Fighter

Tekken X Street Fighter has realized the dreams of many fans to see the best fighters in the two video games clash their heads in the same title. This is the biggest crossovers in the gaming industry. Last year, the version of Capcom was released on E3, but this 2012, gamers want the version from Namco Bandai.

Mirrors Edge II

This video game was introduced by Dice on E3 2008. The second installment of this parkour-inspired game was vague as its developer has announced that no part two will be released. But the fans didn’t lose their faith and they hope that Mirrors Edge 2 will be debuted on E3.

God of War IV

Even the Gods at Mount Olympus have no match for Kratos. Kratos is one of the most wrathful villains in the video games industry which provoked much excitement among gamers. Will there be a fourth installment on E3 2012? Nobody knows.

Next Title for Batman Arkham

Both title for the Arkham series of Batman have received numerous awards and excellent reviews. This game provides a brand new experience for gamers, but whatever the plans for this series, players wanted to see it on E3.