Flawless Victory MK tournament::: Djack vs Jackson :::: Grand Finals part 1

admin November 2, 2012 Comments Off on Flawless Victory MK tournament::: Djack vs Jackson :::: Grand Finals part 1

Project MrE presents part 1 of the Grand finals of the Flawless Victory’s Mortal Kombat tournament held in Delft, Netherlands. For the Grand Finals match Djack of Belgium (champion of Mk tournaments in Belgium) fought against Jackson of the Netherlands. With great fighting skills the series of rounds within this match were definitely close rounds that left spectators on the edge of their seats. With Djack playing as Johnny Cage & Smoke and Jackson playing with Kung Lao, both sides were protecting the honor of countries that are in friendly rivalry (similar to friendly rivalry between Canada and the United States) , making this an epic battle within this Mortal Kombat tournament Project MrE apologizes for not having the full game-plays for certain matches due to the Camera problems such as: battery change, overheating of the camera and reaching the limit of the SD card. More videos of the Loser and winners bracket will be added soon in the playlist for you to experience the exciting brackets of this Flawless Victory tournament. So be sure to subscribe for more dutch video-game tournaments and other great playlist provided by Project MrE For future Flawless Victory tournaments visit their website : hptt://www.flawlessvictory.nl And be sure to like Project MrE on facebook for updates on all the dutch videogame tournaments ,gameplays and other clips of Project MrE playlists. Facebook link : hptt:// www.facebook.com/pages/Project-MR-E/131569436089