Most Disturbing Game Franchise

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Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

The video game industry has come a long way since the first one which was released 40 years ago. Nowadays, it is very easy to have an access to video games which are mature rated by the ESRB which are played by everyone. Below are some of the most disturbing game franchises of today.

God of War

Kratos is one badass killing machine who he claimed the title God of War after finishing the original one. He found his own way to Mt. Olympus where he also killed all the Gods including the mightiest of them all, Zeus. Many gamers are looking forward for the next installment of this video game will be as brilliant and exciting as this one.

Resident Evil

Many gamers especially pre-teens and teenagers have played this video game since its inception in the PlayStation. If you are going to play this game at night, it is better that you put all the lights on to avoid having sleepless nights and nightmares. Resident Evil is one of the best video games in the action-survival genre with its best lighting, sound and graphics.

Dead Space

This psychological thriller video game has far exceeded Resident Evil when it comes to the horror provided. Gamers will experience being in spaceship filled with gore creatures who are former humans. They will play the role of Issac Clarkey who is tasked to save his wife.


This video game allows gamer to kill people in the grossest ways like using plastic bags, knives and baseball bats. Manhunt is not a suitable game for children due to its disturbing nature which can be seen at its cover. It is very appropriate that ESRB has rated it with M due to the murderous intent and thirst for blood which are portrayed in this video game.