The Presence of Sexism in Video Games

admin April 16, 2012 Comments Off on The Presence of Sexism in Video Games
Gamer Girl

Gamer Girl

Nowadays, video games are not just for the boys only. Many in the video game community around the world are composed of girls who are big fans of those indulging and addicting games as well.But in many video games nowadays, you will find sexism which may be insulting, unethical and demeaning to the female gamers. The issue of sexism in video games plagued the industry for so many years now and it seemed unchanged.

These female gamers may withstand all the blood and gore that are present in video games, but the presence of sexism is quite a big thing for some of them. Many of them may feel violated and consider sexism as a problem within the video game industry.

Video game makers should be careful in designing the characters of their games for both sexes in order to avoid female gamers from being insulted. Video game designers should be more careful in portraying sexiness in their characters. Sexiness should be done with class, taste and style, and not in an objectionable manner especially to female gamers. Overt sexism in some video games nowadays is the most objectionable where gamers are allowed to violate a woman sexually.

The debate about the presence of sexism in some video games is now mainstreams, but doubts surrounds whether it will be won or not. The need for gender neutral video games and storylines is very basic nowadays, because it is very offensive in assuming that there is any basic collective gender attitude which can easily be appealed to. There is a certain degree of equality between the genders that is present in modern video games as the gaming demographic is showing some changes.

Maybe it is time to make a change in the video game industry when it comes to sexism as many juveniles are fond of playing video games. They should not be exposed to these kinds of things at their early age. Video game designers should take into consideration of making their games friendlier to the majority of gamers.