Call of Duty: MW Reflex – Multiplayer Wii Review

admin February 4, 2013 16

First VIDEO REview!!!!!! Here is the online multiplayer portion of the review, will have the single player up soon. Here’s some gameplay footage of CoD Reflex online and my review of the online multiplayer as well. THE ORIGINAL [2] clan Go to [2] clan website to join etc. MY FC:031558945035 I am going to use this for my cod reflex review Clan: (2)….open for everyone on wii like COD Clan [2] is now accepting members for COD: Reflex if you would like to join Pm me. As soon as the game comes out I will have all of our FC’s up. And trust me will lay waste to other clans and have clan battles. So sign up Solider!!!!! Current members: [2] adame101 : Captain [2] cj : Co-Captain [2] Aaron11 : Specialist [2] Brad14 [2] BloodKing14 {2}$ p!cyB{ [2]1 shot [2] J-Weezy [2] link [2]$ part [2]xWMDBx [2]DJG12 Modern Warfare 2 Call of Duty Wii Xbox 360 Ps3


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