Classic Game Room HD – CALL OF DUTY 3 review

admin December 5, 2012 16

Classic Game Room HD reviews CALL OF DUTY 3 for Xbox 360, also for Wii, PS2 and Playstation 3. Published by Activision and developed by Treyarch, COD3 has a different feel that Call of Duty 2 and plays more like Call of Duty World at War. Intense firefights, detailed environments and packed with challenging missions, Call of Duty 3 plunges players into 1944 after D-Day. This CGR review of Call of Duty 3 has gameplay from COD 3 showing game play in the Xbox 360 of Call of Duty 3. Earn achievement points on Xbox 360 for Call of Duty 3 and play over Xbox Live. If you enjoy the Call of Duty series and first person shooters set in WW2, then COD 3 is a must play! Extremely affordable and packing numerous exciting missions in a variety of settings, Call of Duty 3 may not be the most popular game in the series but it remains playable, challenging and fun. CGR reviewed Call of Duty WAW, Call of Duty 2 and the Modern Warfare games, now see the reviewing mayhem that takes place in Call of Duty 3.


  1. ZoneofDoom December 6, 2012 at 1:56 AM -

    If CoD have some new idea, we can expect to see a ton of FPS in a near future that will copie/paste these new element. It’s much easier to just wait until someone do something original and copie him instead of making something original ourself. For bioshock, alot of poeple can know that game, but it is obviously not as popular like CoD. Unfortunatly, the most original game will not always be the most popular. That is why i stick to what i said, i want a WW1 FPS.