Classic Game Room HD – SUPER MONKEY BALL STEP & ROLL Wii review

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Classic Game Room HD reviews SUPER MONKEY BALL STEP & ROLL for Nintendo Wii from Sega. Super Monkey Ball Step and Roll features rolling monkey gameplay where you toss those animals down ramps and dodge things to collect bananas! Super Monkey Ball Step and Roll allows players to use the standard Wiimote Wii controller (which works well) or use the Wii Balance Board to step and roll. Co-op and marathon modes are in this version as well as 70 puzzle levels to explore and challenge yourself with Monkey Ball arcade style gameplay. This CGR review of Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll has gameplay from Sega’s Super Monkey Ball Step and Roll showing Wii gameplay in action. Rated E. UPC 010086650372


  1. EkajTheSwordsman December 10, 2012 at 4:20 PM -

    But Hamsterball is a copy of Monkey Ball with less creative track design, and every Monkey Ball game for retail has scored higher on IGN than the downloadable Hamsterball–even though the series has clearly declined since the first two on Gamecube. Have you played Monkey Ball? And even if you have and still prefer Hamsterball, remember–without Monkey Ball coming first, there might not be a Hamsterball.

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  3. Plowboy987 December 10, 2012 at 5:22 PM -

    Hi, I bought this game, and FYI, it is 70 levels long, the game. There is 7 worlds with 10 levels in each world. Grandson got it last year and played every level in 1 day. Good game, he tells me… thanks for reviewing!-Plowboy

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