Let’s Play XCOM: Enemy Unknown – Pt.3 – A series is born!

admin October 29, 2012 1

Yup, a series is born. Seeing as how I’m going to play through the game, I might as well continue to share my journey with you… Weither you enjoy it or not. You should enjoy it. The game is awesome. In fact, go buy yourself a copy today! Do it! Like right now! Links to the various channels I mention/link to in the video: Ctazy Kat’s channel: www.youtube.com Jester’s Blog: jesterconceptions.blogspot.co.uk Exar’s channel: www.youtube.com Mega’s channel: www.youtube.com Thanks for watching! Like, leave a comment, or even subscribe. Everything helps my channel grow! All rights to XCOM: Enemy Unknown belong to Firaxis Games. Support them and the gaming industry by buying a copy today! I’m just a fan trying to have some non-profit fun while attempting to entertain the people of the internets.

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  1. LordxPlaysGames October 29, 2012 at 12:29 PM -

    =P thanks!