Zelda Wii U Full Demo – E3

admin March 4, 2013 22

Buy cheap Microsoft Points and Video Games from our GameFanShop: www.gamefanshop.com One conspicuous absentee from Nintendo’s E3 Press Conference was Zelda on Wii U, especially after last year’s tantalising tech demo. When asked by Entertainment Weekly about the status of the next Zelda game, Shigeru Miyamoto confirmed that it was still in its research and development stage. “With the last game, Skyward Sword, that was a game where you had motion control to use your weapons and a lot of different items,” explained the creator of the series. “And I thought that was a lot of fun, but there were some people who weren’t able to do that or didn’t like it as much and stopped playing partway through it. So we’re in the phase where we’re looking back at what’s worked very well and what has been missing and how can we evolve it further. He also mentioned how “simply having the HD visuals in a Zelda game can really make the game look wonderful and give it sort of a high-quality feel”. But perhaps most interestingly is the way in which he once again addressed the potential schism in video games — acknowledged by Nintendo during its E3 presentation — between more traditional, in-depth gaming experiences and the rise of casual games. While he stressed the company’s commitment to the former, he also expresses an interest in opening up one of Nintendo’s most important franchises to a wider audience. “One thing that’s interesting is we’re seeing how the way that tastes are broadening


  1. Ivan Cruz March 5, 2013 at 12:46 AM -

    I don’t want Nintendo is thinking. This style looks better than skyward sword. Not that skyward sword looked bad but I prefer this style. Now let’s wait and see what the new Zelda game will look like.

  2. crossterresss March 5, 2013 at 1:43 AM -

    yeah that is more likely, i only said there was a chance but i dont think it will look like that