14:46 The Gaming Industry Series I: Gamings past history finally end of section 1

admin September 9, 2012 3


  1. unassumption September 9, 2012 at 1:00 PM -

    The industry of 83 is so much different from the modern industry that it can’t be repearting verbatem. The big names have a much better rep as does the industry as a whole than back then. Reviews are more available. Consumers are informed adults.
    Just as i say to marxists/libertarians who think a total crash would help the society, a crash is not the answer. With our stable system it’s probably very hard for a crash (in gaming at least). I’ll look forward to your series changing my mind lol.

  2. unassumption September 9, 2012 at 1:41 PM -

    Companies will try to profit maximize. Laws should stop them lying and cheating to stop that crap. I like wired controllers there’s no chance it won’t register unlike with wireless. I had to buy the HD seperately so i didn’t buy it. It’s not that we don’t get bundled in games NOW. it’s that we now have the option for a cheaper console without the bundle OR the dearer option with. As if bundling a game and extra control pad didn’t up the price of older consoles – we didn’t have an alternative tho

  3. unassumption September 9, 2012 at 2:27 PM -

    Imagine a shooter like gran turismo where you needed to get your gun licence first. Would have it’s own fans I guess. Guitat hero was one of the many peripheral based games. The 360 is still able to succeed and has had many good games even though it came out early. The red ring is the worst thing about it. Mine isn’t dead yet but I’ve played it 3 times. Afraid to use it just in case! The company should be sued for lying on TOP of bein forced to pay for ALL the customers – by law.