Best iPhone game 2012 racing android game #1 review

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Adrenaline Crew Presents: RACE, STUNT, FIGHT! The boys that brought you the platinum selling DVD series on their reckless motorcycle antics have digitized there bikes and moves in this Road Rash styled game for iPhone and Android. Race, stunt and fight your way across America on your motorcycle. Play as one of the Adrenaline Crew, sport bike, cop or chopper rider as you gain points completing stunts and finishing first! ((Soundtrack and Trailer song by Fierce Allegiance) “One of the best games for 2012” The Washington Post “Road Rash on Steroids” Gamer Online Magazine “If it wasn’t for this game I would probably get a lot of work done!” Kenny Kelley From the #1 selling ‘Adrenaline Crew’ platinum motorcycle mayhem DVD series we come to you now as digital anarchy… HOW TO PLAY – Tilt your phone/tablet to steer left and right – Stay away from cars, curbs, and cops -Tap ATTACK to punch and kick other players off their bikes and get Stunt Bonuses – Tap the Stunt button to wheelie and perform other special stunts – Pick up Nitro’s to earn an extra boost. – Tap break to avoid wrecks and sticky situations, bike will automatically do an endo! FEATURES * Adrenaline filled addictive gameplay with ultra smooth tilt controls * Over 10 different characters to unlock and play, each with their own unique abilities, speed and gameplay! * Real stunts the Adrenaline Crew performs on the streets across America * Gain points by holding stunts while being attacked by other riders. * Lifelike


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    @liftedchevy1986 it’s called road rash, for the ps1

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    I just downloaded the game