Best PC Racing Game

admin November 20, 2012 21

Is The Best PC Racing Game? This is a video I made many, many years ago regarding what was then (2002?) considered the BEST PC RACING GAME…It’s called GTR by Simbin! When it was released, the game shocked the PC Racing Sim community and was ultimately heralded as the #1 Best PC Racing Game! This video shows an in-game view from a Corvette C5R…as you can see, this in-car view shows the full details of this awesome game! Granted, because the game is now almost 10 years old and there are better pc racing games out on the market with much improved graphics, IDIOTIC COMMENTS WILL NOT BE APPROVED!


  1. LetsRaceIracing November 21, 2012 at 5:52 AM -

    im preaty sure iracing blows everything out of the water