Let’s Play Co-op: Damnation – Episode 01 [Part 1]

admin February 13, 2013 6

Welcome to our new personal hell. Welcome to the second series of Let’s Play Co-op, the series where we take a game and play it…. in co-op. In case you haven’t been around for a while, we did one of these on my old account where we played through the entireity of Haze. You can find that playlist at www.youtube.com Anyways, this new series is something a little different. I’ll be putting up a show a week to try and break things up a little, and they’ll be around the same size, around 30 minutes. I think Let’s Plays can get tough to watch, so I hope this method of upload is a little more appealing. Anyways, get ready for some action, as me and Steve boot up our trip into madness playing Damnation.


  1. starsnomercy February 13, 2013 at 3:47 PM -

    damn I LOVE your Intro!