Max Payne III PC Requirement: 35GB Free Space

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Max payne 3

Max payne 3

Speaking of PC specifications, this aspect only concern those gamers who lust for those amazing visuals delivered through Crysis and titles which seem optimized to kill your computer instead of letting them play anything. The PC version of the third installment of the Max Payne series will probably set a cap in your computer’s capacity with its large memory requirement for installment.

The upcoming installment of the PC version of Rockstar’s game series requires the hard drive of your computer to have 35GB free memory. The PC version will be launched on the 29th day of May 2012. Compared to other hard drive requirements of big video game releases of today, the 35GB free memory requirement in the Max Payne II is the biggest of them all.

The newest version of the online RPG World of Warcraft by Blizzard Entertainment and Rage, the shooter game in the first person genre of id Software only demands 25GB of free memory compared to the 35GB of the third installment of the Max Payne series. Other game from the developer of the World of Warcraft, Diablo III will require you a modest 12GB of free room when it was launched on May 15.

The Skyrim by Bethesda, which 2011’s biggest video game release have a map which covers about 14 square miles which is populated with a lot of characters that offer infinite quests for gamers. But this game only needs a modest 6GB of free memory in your hard drive, meaning that Max Payne III is equivalent to six Skyrims.

The large free room requirement of this third installment of the Max Payne series is unusual. But many gamers will not let this opportunity pass of having this exciting game in their PC even if it will gobble up a large chunk of memory.