C-Royd teaches Third Strike – Kara Cancels part 1: Throws

admin October 16, 2012 12

Shoutout to my socal friends! oh man, i’m so bored here in a foreign land two whole hours away from Toronto! this video is an introduction to Kara cancels. Just showing you some kara throws. The timing for cancelling a normal move into throws is jussssst slightly faster than a P-Link in SF4 or a Roll Cancel in CVS1 and CVS2. This is a very important part of getting better so please practice them in front of your PS2/Cabinet. Subscribe and tell your friends. Post in whatever forums you can. Keep this (dead) game somewhat alive! Episode 1: UOH part 1 www.youtube.com Episode 2: UOH part 2 www.youtube.com Episode 3: Let’s Talk Supers www.youtube.com Episode 4: Hit Confirms. For beginners www.youtube.com Episode 5: Randomness #1 www.youtube.com


  1. YuenYun October 16, 2012 at 6:19 AM -

    Q’s is pretty amazing haha, so is Elena’s. I swear she flies to you, I get so frustrated with her lol

  2. chadcoyle October 16, 2012 at 6:24 AM -

    Yeah Oro’s st. mk is his best kara from far away, and when you are close enough for the st. mk to turn into the cl. st. mk version you use st. HK instead.